Nabor House Community is a non-profit Christ-centered organization that invests in the growth and development of low-income children and their families by providing quality, affordable early childhood centers in a Christian environment, enabling parents to pursue employment or education.

The Nabor House Community difference in three words:


Nabor House Community educates children, ages two months to three years, through center based activities, indoor and outdoor play, music and movement, and hands-on activities.

What parents are saying:

  • “My daughter has become more independent, solves problems, and plays more.”
  • “My child’s vocabulary has increased and her speech development has improved.”


Nabor House Community motivates entry level early childhood workers by creating a culture of learning around the topics of child development and best practices enabling them to provide quality early childhood classrooms and experiences for their students.

What parents are saying:

  • “My daughter’s teacher answers my questions regarding her social and intellectual development.”
  • “My child speaks well, knows colors, sings well, and is very concerned about others.”


Nabor House Community elevates low-income families on the path out of poverty by providing quality, affordable early childhood centers enabling parents to work or go to school. In addition, Nabor House Community elevates families by providing parent events about child development and parenting strategies.

What parents are saying:

  • “I have been able to go on several job interviews and have enrolled in school for the fall semester.”
  • “I was able to confidently go back to work knowing my nine month old daughter was safe and in good hands.”
  • “I am able to go back to school without fear of where my kids will be kept.”